Choosing the Right Attorney

What to Expect: The best legal strategy depends on your unique circumstances and situation. With over 25 years of courtroom experience, Bill Sherry will personally take the time to accurately assess your situation and develop an effective legal strategy that’s right for you. Bill Sherry will make the commitment to be a detailed, persistent and tenacious advocate. You will be fully involved in your case strategy and progress, and you can expect your attorney to go the distance to fight for what is right.

Minnesota Criminal Defense & Personal Injury News:

  • Probation Violations in Minnesota When someone is sentenced after pleading guilty or being found guilty of a felony, the court can either send the person to prison or place them..

    Probation Violations
  • Seat Belt Gag Rule The Minnesota “Seat Belt Gag Rule” currently provides that evidence of the use or failure to use seat belts and child car seats is not admissible..

    Seat Belt Gag Rule
  • Be Visible! Drive With Headlights On: MN Statute 169.48 Most drivers know they should keep their headlights on while driving in the rain. Besides being a good idea to improve..

    Driving With Headlights On MN
  • MN DWI Forfeiture Law May Cause Permanent Loss of Your Vehicle Minnesota DWI forfeiture law allows law enforcement to forfeit vehicles from certain DWI offenders (see Minn. Stat. 169A.63). Permanent..

    DWI Vehicle Forfeiture
  • Minnesota law is being changed to require people to provide their car insurance information when renewing license tabs. Read the article here…..

    Auto Tab Renewal Law Changes