Vehicle and Property Forfeiture in Minnesota

Forfeiture for DWI, Drug Charges, and Other Offenses; Vehicle and Property Forfeitures

Attorney Bill Sherry vigorously defends people accused of drug-related crimes or facing vehicle and property forfeitures in all Minnesota courts. Attorney offices in Dakota County, Minneapolis, MN.

Minnesota law allows forfeiture of motor vehicles, money, and certain other property involved in some DWI and Drug Charges and some other felony charges. In many situations the police can seize vehicles, money and certain other property at the time of a DWI, drug-related arrest and arrests for some felonies. When property gets seized for forfeiture, the police are supposed to give the owner Notice of Seizure and Intent to Forfeit the property, which triggers strict time limits for filing the correct legal challenge such as a request for judicial determination by a district court judge, seeking to get the property back.

A forfeiture challenge is a complicated civil proceeding separate from the criminal case, and must be filed within a specific time period from the date you were served with the forfeiture notice. If you fail to file the challenge before the deadline you will lose your right to challenge the forfeiture, so it is very important to contact an experienced attorney as soon as you receive any notice of forfeiture. Minnesota lawyer Bill Sherry has experience with forfeiture challenges and can help you determine your best plan of action.

As an experienced Minnesota criminal defense attorney, Bill Sherry understands that legal problems don’t always happen during ordinary office hours.

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