Arson Charges

Attorney Bill Sherry vigorously defends people accused of arson in all Minnesota courts. Attorney offices located in Dakota County, Apple Valley, Minneapolis, MN.

Arson involves intentionally destroying or damaging any property or causing injury by setting a fire, burning or using explosives to cause a fire. Burning your own property for an improper purpose, such as to make an insurance claim, is also considered arson. Charges range from misdemeanors to serious felonies, depending on the type and value of property destroyed or any injury to victims, as well as the circumstances under which the fire started.

If you are facing arson charges, it is important to contact an experienced Minnesota criminal defense lawyer to help you sort out your options and get you the best possible result. Apple Valley lawyer Bill Sherry has over 30 years’ experience defending people in Dakota County and throughout Minnesota. For your best defense, contact Bill Sherry to discuss the details of your case and find out how he can help and what that would cost.

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