Prostitution and Sex Trafficking

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Prostitution involves hiring, offering to hire, agreeing to hire or agreeing to be hired to engage in sexual acts. Sex trafficking involves receiving, recruiting, enticing, harboring, providing or obtaining someone to aid in prostitution or receiving profit or anything of value derived from it. A common street term for sex trafficking is pimping. It is a felony to engage in prostitution with a minor or solicit others to engage in prostitution. Prostitution offenses for adult prostitutes and patrons are usually charged as gross misdemeanors for acts committed in a public place and misdemeanors for acts committed in a private place. Loitering in a public place with intent to participate in prostitution is a misdemeanor. If a motor vehicle was used in a prostitution offense, the court can order that a finding be entered on a person’s driving record as private data, which is accessible to law enforcement. Consent or mistake as to age are generally not viable defenses to prostitution charges. However a person who is a victim of sex trafficking may have an affirmative defense to prostitution charges. Minnesota law includes mandatory penalty assessments for certain prostitution offenses. Penalties are increased for acts committed in school or park zones.

Facing charges for prostitution or sex trafficking can be frightening and humiliating and it may be difficult or uncomfortable to talk about the details. It is especially important to have a lawyer who understands these charges – someone you trust who will be with you every step of the way.

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