Burglary and Robbery

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Burglary is the act of entering a building without consent and with intent to commit a crime. Often the motivation for entering a building may be theft, but burglary is also charged when someone enters a building without consent and commits an assault or other crime in the building. Most burglary charges are felonies and some carry mandatory minimum jail terms. Burglary charges are more serious if the building is a dwelling, and if the building is occupied by other people.

Robbery is the wrongful taking of property from another by using or threatening force. Aggravated robbery involves use of a dangerous weapon. Robberies are felony offenses, and carry severe penalties.

In addition to the criminal penalties, burglary and robbery convictions can affect a person’s ability to obtain a job or housing in the future. The defense of burglary and robbery charges often involve issues of intent, consent, the specific acts committed inside the building and whether the building is considered a dwelling under the law. Sometimes burglary offenses are over-charged, such as when a person might have trespassed without intending to commit a crime.

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