Obstructing Legal Process

Attorney Bill Sherry vigorously defends people accused of obstructing legal process in all Minnesota courts. Attorney offices in Dakota County, Minneapolis, MN.

Obstructing legal process is a charge that relates to intentionally obstructing, resisting or interfering with a police officer or firefighter engaged in the performance of official duties. Obstructing legal process can also be charged for interfering with or obstructing a member of an ambulance crew providing emergency care, and for obstructing, hindering or preventing the arrest of someone else for a criminal offense or the service of legal papers. Penalties for obstructing legal process range from misdemeanor to gross misdemeanor to felony, depending on the situation.

If you or someone you know has been charged with obstructing legal process, contact Apple Valley lawyer Bill Sherry to discuss the case, find out how he can help and what that would cost. Bill Sherry has over 30 years’ experience defending people in Dakota County and throughout Minnesota.

As an experienced Minnesota criminal defense attorney, Bill Sherry understands that legal problems don’t always happen during ordinary office hours.

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