Theft, Embezzlement and Shoplifting

Attorney Bill Sherry vigorously defends people accused of theft, identity theft, embezzlement, and other offenses in all Minnesota courts. Attorney offices in Dakota County, Minneapolis, MN.

Generally, theft charges involve wrongfully taking or keeping someone else’s property with intent to permanently deprive the owner of possession of the property, and includes things like:

  • Shoplifting
  • Theft by Swindle
  • Possession of Stolen Property
  • Financial Exploitation of a Vulnerable Adult
  • Identity theft
  • Unauthorized use of checks
  • Unauthorized use of credit cards
  • Issuance of worthless or dishonored checks
  • Embezzlement
  • Car theft
  • Wrongfully obtaining public assistance
  • Theft of controlled substances
  • Telecommunications theft

Theft charges range from misdemeanors to felonies, depending on the value of the property involved, the circumstances of the case and whether you have any prior theft offenses. In the case of identity theft, penalties are determined by the number of victims involved and the amount of loss incurred.

In addition to the criminal penalties, theft convictions can affect your ability to obtain a job or housing in the future. There are several defense strategies and ways to resolve theft cases that do not result in a criminal conviction, such as diversion programs and payment of restitution.

If you have been charged with theft, it is important to call an experienced lawyer to review the details of your case and determine your best possible defense. Call Apple Valley lawyer Bill Sherry to find out how he can help and what that would cost, so you can make an informed decision about how to proceed.

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