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Thank you for an outstanding representation of our son John. Your counseling both before the trial and following was far above and beyond anticipated or expected. Again, a very humble thank you.
J.K., Apple Valley

Thank you for everything you have done to defend me. I am extremely grateful. Your experience, connections and guidance have been invaluable in helping me through this. I could not be more satisfied with my decision to go with your help. You showed up like a super hero to meet me in jail on short notice and guide me through these tough times. Forever grateful.
D.G., Minneapolis

Excellent attorney and life counselor. “Bill Sherry is a man of wisdom and integrity. He was my son’s defense attorney on a drug charge, but he was so much more than that. He was a counselor to our entire family. He is a straight-talker who will not tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to know. Sharing his experience, he guided us through a nightmare and his compassion was remarkable. He really cared about what happened to my son and his future. He talked us through every scenario. It was not what I had expected, but definitely what we needed. I had no idea an attorney could have that much caring and compassion for a client. I told him he could be a life counselor if he ever left the law profession – but then again – why would he?? He is a great lawyer! I highly recommend him, and feel fortunate to have hired such a competent and compassionate person to defend my son. And yes – it was a good ending!”
K.K., Lakeville, MN

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Bill: Thank you so much for your hard work on my case. I can’t thank you enough but I hope you know how much I appreciate everything you’ve done. When you took on my case it seemed like a large mountain but with your strategic work and patience it ended up being an ant hill. I truly appreciate your time and attention, which gave me comfort throughout the long process. I had confidence in you and you followed through on everything you promised, which helped my family move on to the next chapter of healing. Although I am glad it is over, I will miss working with you. Thank you so much. I would highly recommend you to anyone.’
B.M. – Lakeville, MN

I just wanted to thank you and let you know how much I appreciated the work you did for me on my case! The outcome was better than I would have ever expected and words cannot express how extremely happy I am. If anyone I know ever needs an attorney I will be sure to give them your name! Thank you again!’
J.D. – St. Paul, MN

Dear Bill: I just wanted to write and say “Thank you” for all that you have done for my brother and my family. This has been such a frightening time for us but we always knew that we could call you with any questions or concerns. With your help, I feel that we are now on our way to healing our family. Thank you.’
R. N. – Minneapolis, MN

Our family would highly recommend Bill Sherry. Finding out our daughter was in legal trouble was terrifying. From the beginning we were impressed with Bill. He is a strong advocate who fought for our daughter as hard as we would. His understanding of the law and the legal system allows him to provide the right advice based on his experience. Mr. Sherry took time to listen, and answer all of our questions. He had a “calming effect” on our family because we knew we could trust him to navigate us through the legal process. We mostly appreciated his compassion concerning the impact of the case on our daughter’s life now and in the future. Bill, thank you for calming our fears, walking through this difficult time with us, and achieving the best possible outcome…a dismissal.’
D. F. – Dakota County, MN

Bill, Thank you so much for everything you did for us! You were there when things came up unexpectedly and did a great job of reassuring us. I can only imagine what the outcome would have been if we hadn’t had you on our side. You got for [our son] the very best possible outcome and we are very appreciative of how you guided us through all of this. You really make a difference in people’s lives. Thank you!’
L. S. – Eagan, MN

Bill Sherry helped me through a very tough time in my life. He was always up front and honest with me in regards to my case. He never gave me false hopes. He is very knowledgeable, thorough and professional. It felt as though he put his heart and soul into the case. Since I had never been in this situation before I appreciated the way he explained everything in a way I could understand. I have the utmost respect for Bill Sherry. Bill Sherry is someone you can trust and count on to do the best representation he can.’
R.M. – Farmington

Dear Bill: Thank you very much for your work with us. We are grateful for your help and would highly recommend you to anyone, especially those closest to us. Your initial prompt, after-hours, no-charge, one-hour return phone call not only calmed our stress and angst, but nearly brought us to tears with your caring “bed-side” manner. When our incident later resulted in charges, your easy to understand explanations and time spent thoroughly discussing the matters with us and patiently answering our questions were much appreciated. Your professional and personal, competent, experienced, thorough representation offered us complete confidence that we would be well taken care of. Of course we were thrilled with the outcome of dismissal of the charges! From start to finish, working with you was a very positive experience. Thank you!’
K. M. – Woodbury, MN

I want to reiterate once again how thankful and appreciative I am of Bill Sherry’s work for us! I’m thrilled and relieved that after all of the work he did researching the law and filing motions the prosecutor eventually dismissed the charges filed against my daughter. Bill got a great result for us, but I also really liked his professionalism and manner. He was certainly a bright spot in an otherwise difficult situation. What a wonderful resource. I’ll be quick to refer him to others who may have a need.’
P. L. – Burnsville, MN

Thank you Bill. And again we appreciate all your help and support through this. Your professionalism, experience and “fight” make you a great attorney. If I ever have the opportunity, I will refer you to others!’
M. L. – Hastings, MN

Bill Sherry guided us through a very difficult situation. His expertise and personal touch were invaluable. We would have been lost in the system without him.’
L. S. – Eagan, MN

My family has been very pleased by the work Bill Sherry has done on behalf of my son. We sought Bill’s help during a crisis when we were frightened and emotional. Bill took the time to walk us through all the possible outcomes of the situation. He showed compassion and understanding of our fears and concerns for my son’s well-being, both in a legal sense and as a young man struggling with finding his way in the world. Bill has made himself available to guide us through the judicial process. He knows how important it is to us that he be personally involved in all aspects of my son’s case. We have been impressed with Bill Sherry’s talent in the courtroom and with his ability to negotiate for positive results for my son. I can honestly give the Sherry Law Office my highest recommendation.’
M. L. – Richfield, MN

Bill Sherry helped me out a lot with his knowledge of the law and the clear way he explained the options for my situation. Bill was always prompt and concise and he answered all of my questions. He made the legal process so much easier for me. I gladly recommend Bill to anyone that needs legal advice or representation.’
A. S. – Apple Valley, MN

Bill: We really did appreciate all you did for our son. Besides your experience with the prosecutors, judges, and law enforcement, you have great knowledge of the legal system and are a fair and honest man. Thanks again for being supportive and educating us through the process. We always felt you had our son’s back. Though I will refer others to you, I hope we never need your services again!’
J. S. – Rosemount, MN

It was a pleasure working with you. I’m big on service and I was really pleased with and confident in you. While I hope to not have the occasion to need an attorney again, I would contact you immediately if I did. I will certainly refer others to you.’
J. G. – Eagan, MN

Bill: I just want to thank you for creating an outcome for my family that could have possibly been very damaging for all. You guided us through a very complicated and emotional process in the justice system. We thoroughly appreciated your professional knowledge and compassion towards us in our time of need. I would not have wanted to have gone through that with anybody else. We sincerely thank you.’
T. B. – Apple Valley, MN

Bill: Thank you for helping me in a time of need. I was grateful for your expertise, and how things turned out was a prayer answered. Thanks so much for your help!’
M. M. – Apple Valley, MN

Bill Sherry assisted me with an unsubstantiated legal action. His skills and ability to formulate a strong strategy quickly solved my legal issue. I appreciated how accessible and concerned he was about the circumstances of my case. I highly recommend Mr. Sherry.’
K. P. – Minneapolis, MN

Thank you Bill for the wonderful job you did for me. You helped me save my job and family and without you there to support me through the whole process, I don’t know what I would have done. Thanks for everything!’
K. M. – Apple Valley, MN

When I got charged with something I did not do, a family member recommended Bill Sherry and I am very happy he did. I had heard before that cases can be handled “outside the court room”, but I never really knew what that meant. I soon found out it means Bill Sherry was constantly working my case outside the courtroom by talking to me, witnesses, police officers, prosecutors and the court, trying to make them see that these charges were false and needed to be dismissed. Although the prosecutor kept offering me plea bargains Bill understood my determination and gave me the courage and understanding to see this through. He kept me informed, fully explained all of my strategy options and he was always there to answer my questions and give support. Bill believed in my innocence and fully prepared to take my case to trial. Just before trial the prosecutor tried again to make me take a deal. This time they said they would continue my case one year for dismissal. Bill told me that many lawyers would say that was as good a deal as you could get because the case would eventually be dismissed without putting my family through a trial, but he encouraged me to turn the deal down because he knew I was innocent. I decided to reject the plea offer and Bill told me he honored my decision and commended me for having the courage to stand up and fight my way through. Bill Sherry stood behind my decision and never stopped fighting for me. Eventually, after Bill’s countless communications with the prosecutor, they finally dismissed the charges. This nightmare was finally over, thanks to Bill’s integrity to stand behind my decision and fight for my innocence. Bill understood how horrible this experience was for my family and me. He spent countless hours talking to us and counseling us delicately, beyond just the legal side of it. He showed compassion for my daughter, my husband and me. He saw how wounded our family was from this and tried to help us heal. Bill always believed in me and through his determination and hard work, I was eventually vindicated. I strongly recommend Bill Sherry as your legal counsel.’
J.H. – Northfield

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