Driver’s License Revocation in Minnesota

Attorney Bill Sherry vigorously defends people accused of DWI or facing driver’s license revocation in all Minnesota courts. Attorney offices in Dakota County, Minneapolis, MN.

In addition to criminal penalties, people facing DWI charges, certain traffic offenses, unpaid fines or failure to appear in court can also expect their driving privileges to be revoked or canceled. Fighting a driver’s license revocation or getting a driver’s license reinstated is a civil matter, completely separate from any related criminal charges. Losing your driver’s license for a long time can put your job and many other things at risk. Under Minnesota law there are very strict filing deadlines (as short as 30 days) to file an Implied Consent Petition for Judicial Review to challenge the driver’s license revocation in court, so it is important to seek legal advice promptly after you receive notice of a driver’s license revocation.

Driver’s license revocations vary depending on many factors, so it is crucial that you consult with an experienced Minnesota criminal defense lawyer for advice. Attorney Bill Sherry will review your case with you and explain all available options, including Minnesota’s Ignition Interlock Program, so you can get your driving privileges reinstated as soon as possible.

As an experienced Minnesota criminal defense attorney, Bill Sherry understands that legal problems don’t always happen during ordinary office hours.

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