Criminal Sexual Conduct: Teens and Statutory Rape Charges

Unfortunately, there are many cases where teenagers get charged with felony criminal sexual conduct as a result of consensual sexual activity. These charges are sometimes referred to as “statutory rape” charges because (for example) Minnesota statutes make it illegal for a person under the age of 16 (the age of consent) to engage in sexual activity with a person more than 24 months older. As a result, when a 15-year-old has sex with a 17-year-old who is more than 2 years older, the 17-year-old will be charged with felony criminal sexual conduct. There are also other circumstances under the law that make consensual sex illegal.

What are the consequences?

The consequences of a felony criminal sexual conduct conviction and predatory offender registration (sex offender registration) are severe. But normally, sexual activity between teenagers who both consent does not result in a prison sentence. Instead, Minnesota courts often impose lengthy probation and order the teenager to complete a sex offender treatment program. The conditions of probation also usually restrict the teen’s contact with other juveniles and often include many other strict probation conditions. Felony convictions also include a lifetime ban on the possession of firearms. Felony charges for a person age 16 or older are also public records and felony convictions for criminal sexual conduct require the teen to register as a sex offender for years. These things can have a severe impact on a young person’s future, including college, employment, rental housing, background checks and many other things.

Do We Need A Lawyer?

Yes. Criminal Sexual Conduct is a very serious charge and the consequences are long term. Defending these cases is not easy, but an experienced lawyer can certainly help. The teen may have a valid defense, such as believing that the sexual partner was 16 years old. And in many situations, it may be possible to work out a resolution of the case that does not result in a felony conviction. If your teen is facing criminal sexual conduct charges, then getting legal advice from the right legal lawyer is the first and most important thing to do. I have many years of experience defending statutory rape charges, and I will work with you and your child to get the best outcome possible. I understand how frightening and painful these cases are, so I welcome you to contact me for advice – I can help.


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